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The EU MRV Regulation - EU 2015/757
The MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) regulation requires ships with 5,000 GT or greater to monitor, report, and verify their CO2 emissions on an annual basis. The MRV covers ships that are transporting cargo or passengers for commercial purposes and that call at any EU port.

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Blueflow and MRV

to get you compliant with the EU-MRV regulation

A complete solution and knowledge

Our MRV solution
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MRV reports
within minutes!

Blueflow Energy Management MRV solution considerably saves time, workload and complexity through automating MRV processes wherever possible. We can help you with the entire process from monitor planning, establishing and running efficient monitoring system and supporting with your annual reporting. All the way to Compliance.

The Blueflow Energy Management MRV solution is based on many years experience and knowledge of energy measuring and reporting. Our state of the art IT energy management platform, widely used and developed during many years fits the MRV regulation demands very well. Our MRV solution includes all MRV requirements such as monitoring plans, voyage emission reports and much more.

The road to be EU MRV Compliant

Monitoring plan

Use the Blueflow system to create and store your monitoring plans for your ship/ships. The monitor plan describes procedures, processes and methods choosen to monitor and report CO2 emissions. The monitoring plans have to be submitted for verification by 31 of August 2017.

Emissions Reports

Contains CO2 emission and other information for the annual reporting for each ship. With the Blueflow system this reports are automatically created and can very easily be handled and distributed. A verified emission report shall be submitted to the EU Commission by the 30’th of April 2019.

Compliance with the EU MRV regulation

The Compliance document proves compliance with the EU MRV regulation. The verifier issues this document upon successful verifications of an emission report. The document is valid for 18 months.

The complete MRV solution for you!

The EU MRV regulation timeplan

Blueflow MRV solution automatically monitors on a per-voyage and annual basis

Departure and arrival ports

Automatic timing of berth and voyages

Emission factors of fuel types

Voyage and total CO2 emissions calculated per fuel type

Time spent at sea

Time spent at sea and berth

Distance travelled

Total and per-voyage distance travelled

Fuel consumed

Fuel consumed at sea and birth

Cargo carried

Cargo carried per-voyage and total – Integration with present cargo/passenger IT-systems

Passenger transport work

Total and per-voyage transport work – Integration with present passenger IT-systems

Detailed energy consumption

Detailed energy consumption – Power generators, boilers and propulsion

Be prepared for the EU MRV Regulation together with us. We’ll assist you from start to finish with the entire MRV process!

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